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If you’re looking for safe, effective, and professional laser tattoo removal services and you’re in Brynmill, look no further than Cowell St Skin & Hair Clinic. Our doctor-led clinic uses world-class laser equipment to remove tattoos at an affordable price. We are highly regulated and registered with Health Inspectorate Wales, ensuring that your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Say goodbye to unwanted tattoos with our expert team.

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1. Experienced & Affordable Prices
2. World Class Laser Equipment
3. Doctor-Led Clinic
4. Highly Regulated & Registered
5. Safe, Effective, Professional

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At Cowell St Skin & Hair Clinic, we’re committed to safe and professional laser tattoo removal. With our highly experienced team and world-class equipment, we’ll help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Visit us in Brynmill today!

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At Cowell St Skin & Hair Clinic, we can help you get rid of that unwanted tattoo with our laser tattoo removal services. Our safe and effective procedure is performed by our professional staff who are dedicated to helping you achieve your desired results. We use state-of-the-art technology to safely remove tattoos without causing damage to the surrounding skin. With our laser tattoo removal, you can say goodbye to regrettable tattoos and hello to a fresh start. Let us help you make a positive change in your life.

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At Cowell St Skin & Hair Clinic, we believe that our customers deserve only the best when it comes to laser tattoo removal. That’s why we pride ourselves on being highly experienced and affordably priced, while using world class laser equipment. Our doctor-led clinic is highly regulated and registered with Health Inspectorate Wales, so you can trust us to provide safe and effective treatments every time. We value professionalism above all else, which is why our core values are centered around safety, effectiveness, and professionalism. So if you’re looking for a reliable laser tattoo removal service in Brynmill, look no further than Cowell St Skin & Hair Clinic!

Professional Laser Tattoo Removal Services in Brynmill – Cowell St Skin & Hair Clinic

At Cowell St Skin & Hair Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing professional laser tattoo removal services in the location of Brynmill. Our clinic is led by experienced doctors who understand the importance of safe and effective tattoo removal procedures.

Our team uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your tattoo removal process is as painless and efficient as possible. We know that getting a tattoo removed can be a daunting experience, which is why our team provides you with all the information and support you need throughout the process. Trust us to provide you with professional service and achieve the best results for your skin!

Remove Unwanted Tattoos

We understand that sometimes tattoos can be a source of regret. Whether it’s because of a change in personal taste or a reminder of a past relationship, we know how frustrating it can be to have an unwanted tattoo. That’s why we offer laser tattoo removal services to help you get rid of your unwanted ink.

Our laser tattoo removal process is safe and effective. We use state-of-the-art technology to target the pigment in your tattoo and break it down into smaller particles that are eventually absorbed by your body. The number of sessions required for complete removal depends on the size, color, and location of your tattoo, but our experienced technicians will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan.

During each session, you may experience some discomfort similar to being snapped by a rubber band, but we’ll do everything we can to minimise any pain or discomfort. After each session, you’ll need to keep the treated area clean and protected from sun exposure as it heals. With patience and commitment to the process, you’ll see your unwanted tattoo gradually fade away until it’s completely gone.

Don’t let an unwanted tattoo hold you back any longer. Schedule an appointment with us today and take the first step towards getting rid of your regrettable ink for good!

Laser Tattoo Removal: Erase Your Regrets

We all make mistakes in life, and sometimes those mistakes are permanent. Tattoos can be a beautiful form of self-expression, but what happens when you regret the design or placement? That’s where laser tattoo removal comes in. At Cowell St Skin & Hair Clinic, we understand how important it is to feel confident in your own skin. That’s why we offer safe and effective laser tattoo removal services.

1. Say Goodbye to Regret – We know how painful it can be to look at a tattoo that no longer represents who you are or what you believe in. Our laser technology breaks down the ink particles in your skin so you can say goodbye to that reminder of the past.
2. Confidence Boost – Removing an unwanted tattoo can help boost your confidence and allow you to move forward without any negative associations holding you back.
3. Safe Procedure – Our doctor-led clinic ensures that all procedures are conducted safely and with minimal discomfort.
4. Affordable Pricing – We believe everyone deserves a chance to erase their regrets without breaking the bank. That’s why we offer competitive pricing for our laser tattoo removal services.

Don’t let an unwanted tattoo hold you back from living your best life. Book a consultation today and see how our laser technology can help erase your regrets for good!

Why Laser Tattoo Removal with Cowell St Skin & Hair Clinic is the Best Choice

At Cowell St Skin & Hair Clinic, we understand that getting a tattoo can be an exciting decision, but sometimes life circumstances change and you may want to remove it. Our unique sales proposition is our medical grade laser, which is manufactured to strict conformities that ensure safe and effective treatments.

When you choose us for your laser tattoo removal needs, you can trust that our technology is top-of-the-line and will provide the best results possible. Here are just a few reasons why choosing Cowell St Skin & Hair Clinic for your tattoo removal needs is the right choice:

– Our medical grade laser uses advanced technology to specifically target ink particles in the skin without damaging surrounding tissue.
– We have experienced technicians who are trained in using our laser technology to provide safe and effective treatments.
– Our clinic provides comfortable treatment options such as cooling systems to make sure the process is as painless as possible.
– We offer affordable pricing options so anyone can afford to have their tattoos removed by professionals.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to removing unwanted tattoos. Trust our team at Cowell St Skin & Hair Clinic who use only the best technology and techniques available. Let us help you achieve your desired look today!


1. What can we expect during a laser tattoo removal session?
During a session, we use a high-intensity laser beam to break down the ink particles in your tattoo. You may feel some discomfort, but we will provide numbing cream to help alleviate any pain.

2. How many sessions will it take to remove my tattoo completely?
The number of sessions required to completely remove a tattoo varies based on the size, color, and age of the tattoo. However, most tattoos require multiple sessions, typically between 6-12, spaced several weeks apart.

3. Is laser tattoo removal safe?
Yes, laser tattoo removal is a safe procedure when performed by a trained professional. We use world-class laser equipment and are regulated by Health Inspectorate Wales to ensure the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

4. Will there be any scarring after the tattoo removal?
There is a minimal risk of scarring after laser tattoo removal. However, our doctor-led clinic uses advanced technology to minimize scarring and ensure the best possible results.

5. How much does laser tattoo removal cost?
The cost of laser tattoo removal varies depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo. However, we are affordably priced and offer competitive rates for our highly experienced services. We also offer free consultations to assess your tattoo and provide an accurate quote.

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Brynmill, a Swansea suburb, is particularly popular among students who call it home. With its close proximity to the university campus, Brynmill offers convenient access to academic facilities and social activities. Its location also boasts stunning natural scenery with lush greenery and picturesque views of the coastline. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant student community or simply enjoy the great outdoors, Brynmill has something for everyone.